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  • Jukebox

    jukebox book cover

    by Nidhi Chanani J GRAPH CHANANI, N. Shahi thinks her dad is missing, so she goes looking for him with her cousin Naz. Her dad loves music and vinyl records, so Shahi and Naz go to the record store where they usually find her dad. They discover a secret jukebox that will take you to… Read more »

  • Pizza and Taco: Super-Awesome Comic! (#3)

    pizza and taco: super awesome comic book cover

    by Stephen Shaskan J GRAPH SHASKAN, S. Pizza and Taco are best friends and decide to create their own comic. They each have different ideas and can’t figure out how to combine them. They try to make separate comics, but it does not work. Super Fart power for the win! Very funny.

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