Winter Town by Stephen Emond

Winter Town book coverWinter Town  by Stephen Emond

Evan and Lucy have always been good friends, creating imaginary worlds in their heads, putting them to paper and going on their own adventures.   Evan’s life has stayed relatively the same he works hard gets, straight A’s, and spends lots of quality time with his family, but Lucy’s has been tumultuous.  After her parents divorced she moved to Georgia, where she had to deal with her mother’s critical and often cruel boyfriends, make new friends and try to deal with all the pain in her life.  Lucy returns back to her dad and Evan over winter break and she’s definitely not what Evan remembered.  Instead of being her quirky somewhat plain Jane self, she now has black hair, piercings and a scowl.   Evan doesn’t know if his old friend is even exists anymore and he doesn’t know how to react to this new version of Lucy.  Can Evan see past the outside and take the time to figure out what’s going on inside Lucy? Can two friends who keep changing stay friends?  With his engaging storytelling and insightful illustration Stephen Emond helps the reader find the answers is his latest book Winter Town.