If you like I am Number Four…

Did you see the movie, I am Number Four, and love it?  Have you read the book and are eagerly awaiting the sequel?  Then check out these books and movie today at the Library:

the dangerous days of Daniel X book coverThe Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson

As a young boy with unexplained abilities, Daniel witnesses the death of his parents at the hands of an evil alien.  Now 15, alien hunter Daniel X is closer than ever to avenging his parents’ deaths.




Stuck on Earth book coverStuck on Earth by David Klass

A small snail like alien has taken over the body of a 14 year old bully.  The alien’s goal: to determine if there is any reason why mankind should be saved from the planned obliteration of the earth.




Ender’s Game ender's game book coverby Orson Scott Card

Ender Wiggin, six-years-old and seemingly a genius, is beginning his education at battle school in space.  The novel follows him through the age of twelve, where he has earned respect and is being counted on to battle invading aliens.




The Host book coverThe Host by Stephenie Meyer

Melanie is a human who has just been taken over by an alien.  However, Melanie is a strong soul and fights against her alien invader.  As a human, Melanie was obsessed with finding her human friends and fighting against the alien invaders.  The alien is unsure of her role in taking over a human body, and does not truly know if she wants to be in a human body.  This leads to a complicated coexistence that intensifies when the two entities in one body are captured by a group of humans in hiding.



Gone Gone book coverby Michael Grant

Everyone over the age of 13 has disappeared within the 20 mile radius of Perdido Beach, CA.  Those left have to figure out how to survive, why those remaining disappear at age 14, their developing superpowers, and why there is an invisible wall that prevents them from escaping the 20 mile radius.




David has the power to jump, which allows him to teleport himself anywhere in the world.  What David doesn’t know, though, is that there has been a war raging for centuries between the jumpers and those bent on killing them.
Rated PG-13





The autobots verus the decepticons.  A war between these two alien races comes to earth and stuck in the middle are two teens, one who possesses the map to a magical talisman hidden on earth that could mean victory for whichever alien race finds it first.
Rated PG-13



Race to Witch Mountain

Two teens enlist the help of cab driver and ex-con, Jack Bruno, to drive them to a remote location outside of Las Vegas.  What Jack doesn’t know is that the teens are really aliens who have been collecting data in order to try and save the earth from destruction–something that the military on their home planet are willing to kill the two aliens to accomplish.
Rated PG



Serenity Book CoverSerenity

Serenity is the name of a space ship run by a crew of renegades in the future that resembles a spaced aged wild west.  Recently, the crew has taken on a troubled young girl, River, and her brother, a doctor.  River, who has extraordinary powers, knows something that the Alliance, the ruling body of power, will do whatever it takes to keep quiet.
Rated PG-13




Tron Legacy

Sam is the son of the man who was once the world’s greatest video game creator.  But Sam’s father has disappeared, and when Sam tries to track down his father he is pulled into the alternate reality where his father and now Sam are trapped.  Together they must fight to escape.
Rated PG