Ghostopolis by Doug Tennapel

Ghostopolis book cover One  day Garth was just minding his own business hanging out in his room, when a horse skeleton comes through his wall followed by Frank Gallows of the Supernatural Immigration Task Force–which is in charge of sending ghosts, nightmares and other creatures back to Ghostopolis (aka the afterlife) . In the midst of all the commotion Frank Gallows accidently sends not just the ghost horse skeleton, but Garth as well, to Ghostopolis. 

So now Garth is stuck in Ghostopolis, surrounded by squirrel mummies, a horse skeleton who Garth names Skinny, and then he bumps into his grandpa. Meanwhile, Frank Gallows, who’s about to be canned for sending a boy to Ghostopolis, tracks down an old friend to hitch a ride to the afterlife to save Garth.  Garth and Frank don’t go unnoticed in Ghostopolis and soon Vaugner, evil ruler of Ghostopolis, wants the living visitors out of Ghostopolis .  Frank and Garth find themselves on  the run from Vaugner and his nasty bug gang. Garth, who is on an adventure of a lifetime, finds out he may have a bigger role in saving  himself and all of the afterlife from Vaugner.  Filled with nasty bugs, gross humor (you know poo and farts– the good stuff), and Godzilla scale battles, Ghostopolis will keep you turning the action and artwork filled pages.