Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez

OK, the title alone, Dead is the New Black, should make you want to pick up this book!

I know that’s why I read it.

Everyone in Daisy’s family has psychic powers– except for Daisy.  Daisy is used to being the “norm”, and she is OK with being an average high schooler.  All she needs is her best friend Ryan, who she also happens to have a huge crush on.  However, when head cheerleader Samantha shows up at the start of the new school year clad in black and carrying a coffin around, strange things begin to happen at Nightshade High School.  Teenage girls are attacked and killed and Daisy’s family joins forces with the local police to help solve the murders, using their psychic gifts.  Daisy, though, is determined to find the killer with Ryan’s help.  Daisy doesn’t know it, but trying to track down this killer will put her in danger and have scary consequences–- like having to join the cheerleading squad!

This novel is a quick read, and it is hilarious because Marlene Perez has such a funny and sarcastic style of writing.  Dead is the New Black has a unique and interesting plot, that has been continued in a series. So far there are four books total in the series and the fifth book will be on bookshelves in May 2011.  Here’s the series order so far:

1) Dead is the New Black
2) Dead is a State of Mind
3) Dead is so Last Year
4) Dead is Just a Rumor
5) Dead is Not an Option

I recommend this book, especially if you want a fast read that doesn’t take itself too seriously.