Cybil Awards Announced Yesterday

What are the Cybil awards? Every year book bloggers award the year’s best children’s and teen books. Any book can be nominated by anyone (one nomination per person) and then they are voted upon by a group volunteer book bloggers who must be active bloggers and who must blog about children’s or teen books. For more information visit their website. To view the entire list of winners click here. Here are the 2010 winners for Teen books, click on the title to find them at the Library!

Middle Grade Fiction
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
by Tom Angleberger
Tommy’s classmate Dwight shows up to school one day with a green paper Yoda on his finger.  The paper Yoda starts giving Tommy and his classmates advice and when the advice works, Tommy sets out to determine if the paper Yoda is really Dwight or if it has power of its own.




Teen Nonfiction
The Secret of the Yellow Death: a true story of medical sleuthing
by Suzanne Jurmain
The Secret of the Yellow Death is the true account of a team of US Army doctors, headed by Walter Reed, which went to Cuba in 1900 to study yellow fever and try to figure out how the disease spread.



Teen Graphic Novel
Yummy: the last days of a Southside shorty
by G. Neri
This graphic novel retells the story of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer, an eleven year old gang member from Chicago whose stray bullet killed a fourteen year old girl named Shavon in 1994.  After the shooting, Yummy went into hiding with the help of his gang, but then they turned on him and executed him.



rot and ruin book coverTeen Fantasy and Science Fiction
Rot & Ruin

by Jonathan Maberry
In the future, zombies are an infestation.  At 15, Benny begins an apprenticeship with his older brother as a bounty hunter.  Benny must leave the confines of the safe area and go out into the wilderness and hunt down zombies.  Out in the wilderness, Benny’s perceptions of the world that he thought he knew drastically change.




Teen Fiction
by Swati Avasthi
Jace is kicked out of his father’s house after he tries to stop his father from physically abusing his mother.  The only place where he knows he can go is his 22-year-old brother’s house.  When Jace arrives, both brothers are combative and suspicious, but slowly they rebuild their relationship while Jace works through his fears of his father and his guilt over leaving his mother behind.




I am going to pick up Rot & Ruin, because I love a good zombie novel!  What do you think about the Cybil winners?