Bummed out that Vampire Academy is over?

Entertainment Weekly’s blog, Shelf Life, has an exclusive look at Richelle Mead’s new series’ cover, Bloodlines, due out this August.  There’s also an interview on the site with Mead, where she talks about her new series and what you can expect.  Apparently, it takes place in the same world as Vampire Academy, but with a main character who is the complete opposite of Rose Hathaway.  Hmmm…I’m not sure I would like that, but that’s because Rose Hathaway is my favorite book character right now!  I am currently reading the last book in Mead’s Vampire Academy series, Last Sacrifice.

The first book of the Vampire Academy series introduces us to Rose Hathaway who is a dhampir, half human–half vampire.  She is supposed to be attending St. Vladimir’s academy where she will be trained to protect the Moroi, vampires who are born as such.  Moroi are weak creatures, but they do not need protection from humans.  Most of the human population has no clue that vampires exist.  Instead, Moroi need protection from the Strigoi, which are Moroi who have killed when they feed.  When Moroi kill when they feed, they turn into super-powerful, bloodthirsty monsters that are determined to hunt down Moroi.  For two years, Rose and her best friend Lissa have been on the run.  There is only one Moroi that Rose is determined to protect– Lissa, who also should be at St. Vladimir’s, but to be trained in gift of magic that every Moroi has.  Lissa and Rose have had a special bond since they were children and involved in a car accident that killed Lissa’s family.  Eventually, the two girls are caught and forced to return to St. Vladimir’s where they are watched over closely.  Rose returns to her guardian training with a new trainer, Dimitri, a young and attractive Dhampir who Rose feels an instant attraction to.  Meanwhile, Lissa returns to learning how to use her Moroi gift of healing, a gift that is very rare and of which little is known.  But somebody already knows what Lissa’s power can really be used for and they will stop at nothing to get to her to use her magic for their own evil plans.

There series order is:
Vampire Academy
Shadow Kiss
Blood Promise
Spirit Bound
Last Sacrifice

I really have loved this series and I am sad it’s ended.  I do hope that the final book doesn’t disappoint.  I think the main reason that I am such a fan of Vampire Academy is because of the main character, Rose.  She is such a Buffy-esque character.  She kicks butt and she is not afraid to speak her mind.  Plus, I love the forbidden romance between Rose and Dimitri, especially as the series progresses.  Even though the books get thicker and thicker as the series goes on, I am always surprised at how I fly through them.  Also, the supporting characters are interesting and I like that Mead isn’t afraid to kill some of them off to heighten the drama.  Of course, I also love it because it’s a vampire novel and as much as I try to fight my love for vampires (most recently by turning to zombies) I do enjoy reading anything vampire.  I think what I like best about Mead’s vampire mythology is that being a vampire does not mean that you’re an attractive superhero.  The Moroi who are the good vampires are weak.  The Strigoi are evil because they do feed off of humans to kill them, and the Dhampirs are the heroes but not in the traditional way.  They have to be rigorously trained and are essentially slaves to the Moroi.

I guess what I am trying to say is READ VAMPIRE ACADEMY, because it’s awesome.