Against Racism: A Statement from MPPL

We are very distressed by the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Across our region and the United States, people are speaking out about hundreds of years of pain, systemic racism, and injustice.

Mount Prospect Public Library (MPPL) stands in solidarity with the black community in the fight against racial injustice and inequality.

We stand by the statement by the Urban Council of Libraries.

Libraries are community hubs for gathering, accessing reliable information, and education. MPPL desires to be a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone, from diverse materials to equal access. We know how to source information from experts. And yet we know that there is more work to be done. This work includes re-examining the policies we promote, the community-wide programs we deliver, the organizations we partner with, and the civic action we encourage.

We see that racial justice must happen and solutions are needed to heal our world. We also see people seeking answers to conflict and looking for hope. We are here to listen, to continue our work toward equity and inclusion, and to partner with organizations that enrich our understanding. We want to ensure we are doing our part to stand up and move forward with learning, reflection, and action.

We will not offer a salve with a quotation, though there are many to buoy our spirits. Instead, we offer reading suggestions and you can discover quotes and subjects to start or continue your work. Reading about experiences that are different than your own is a way to step forward. Library staff is also here via,, or