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Family Home Delivery

If you have circumstances in your life that make going to the library difficult for you, allow us to bring your items to your home. We need at least one way of contacting you (either phone or email). Deliveries are made as staffing allows. It could take up to a week for items to be delivered, depending on when the request is made. Items can be selected and delivered for all family members of any age.
  • For specific items, please provide as much detail as possible, such as:
    • title
    • author
    • format (DVD, blu-ray, large type, playaway, etc.

    If you want library staff to choose items for your family, please provide the following details for each family member:

    • Grade (if a student)
    • Reading level (if a student, and if known)
    • Subject, genre, or areas of interest (dinosaurs, mysteries, coding, etc)
    • Favorite authors or titles
    • Any other information that will help us choose items you’ll enjoy
  • For example: on the porch, next to the garage, etc.
  • We'd appreciate an additional phone number or email address so we are able to contact you if your primary method doesn't work.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please call the Youth Services Department at 847-590-3320 or send us an email at