Summer Reading: K. Turn Back Time – Read A Graphic Novel

Fun fact: the term “graphic novel” was coined in the late 1970s. Category K. for the Adult Summer Reading Challenge contains the challenge to read a graphic novel. Not sure where to start? Below are a handful of titles that might help you get reading!

If You Like Feel Good Stories…

Boy the Mole the Fox and the Horse book cover

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse
by Charlie Mackesy

Charlie Mackesy offers inspiration and hope in uncertain times in this book based on his famous quartet of characters, as they explore their unlikely friendship and learn poignant, universal lessons together.

If You Like Humor

Adulthood Is A Myth
by Sarah Andersen

Collects strips from the webcomic that documents the horrors and awkwardness of young modern life.

If You Like Science Fiction

Descender, Book 1: Tin Stars book cover

Descender, Volume one: Tin Stars
by Jeff Lemire

A decade after planet-sized robots wreaked havoc across the galaxy, a young android awakens to find that all robots have been outlawed and goes on the run with his robot dog.

Best We Could Do book cover

If You Like Memoirs

The Best We Could Do
by Thi Bui

An intimate look at one family’s journey from their war-torn home in Vietnam to their new lives in America. Exploring the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects that displacement has on a child and her family, Bui documents the story of her family’s daring escape after the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s, and the difficulties they faced building new lives for themselves.

If You Like Romance

bingo love book cover

Bingo Love

by Tee Franklin

When Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray met at church bingo in 1963, it was love at first sight. Forced apart by their families and society, Hazel and Mari both married young men and had families. Decades later, now in their mid-’60s, Hazel and Mari reunite again at a church bingo hall. Realizing their love for each other is still alive, what these grandmothers do next takes absolute strength and courage.

If You Like Dystopian Stories

The Handmaid's Tale book cover

The Handmaid’s Tale
by Renee Nault

Illustrated with high-contrast artwork, a graphic-novel adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s modern classic depicts the terrifying realities of women consigned to childbirth roles in the occupied Republic of Gilead.

If You Like Horror

through the woods book cover

Through The Woods
by Emily Carroll

Journey through the woods in this sinister, compellingly spooky collection that features four brand-new stories and one phenomenally popular tale in print for the first time. Emily Carroll brings you tales of old-school folklore and horror, presented in an illustrated style that’s both unsettling and deceptively soothing.

blankets book cover

If You Like Realistic Fiction

by Craig Thompson

Loosely based on the author’s life, chronicling his journey from childhood to adulthood, exploring the people, experiences, and beliefs that he encountered along the way.