Fiction: 1984 by George Orwell

George Orwell’s prescient 1984 is the dystopian novel against which all others are measured, even almost 60 years later. It would be impossible to read this and not see a plethora of connections between the hurriedly detached society in which Winston Smith resides, where people are too wrapped up in the tawdry details of entertainment magazines to resist the increasing attacks on their privacy and freedom, and our own, where headline news spins 24 hours a day and citizens must take it upon themselves to learn which news is fake and which is true. It is just this muddled reality of which 1984 forewarns. In Winston’s case this fake news is propagated by the government, in an attempt to mollify the populace and severely cripple even their desire to stand up for themselves. Censorship, Surveillance and Mind Control were all employed to stifle humanity, but will Winston overcome these elaborate mind games?