Books: If You Like The Crown

Season Two of Netflix series The Crown drops today, and you may be inspired to choose your next read based on the drama played out through these fascinating characters and their situations:

Becoming Elizabeth II

Lillibet book cover

Carolly Erickson

Young Elizabeth book cover

The Young Elizabeth
Kate Williams

Regal Relationships

Elizabeth and Philip book cover

Elizabeth and Philip
Geoffrey Bocca

Royal Sisters book cover

Royal Sisters
Anne Edwards

Clementine book cover

Sonia Purnell

Fiction about Women of Influence

Victoria book cover

Daisy Goodwin

Royal Nanny book cover

The Royal Nanny
Karen Harper

Second Duchess book cover

The Second Duchess
Elizabeth Loupas

Spotlight on Major Players

Churchill book cover

Martin Gilbert

Philip book cover

Tim Heald

Princess Margaret book cover

Princess Margaret
Christopher Warwick