How to apply for a position at the Mount Prospect Public Library

How to Apply

Applications can be obtained and submitted at the Registration desk. You may also email your cover letter and resume to

Which Job You are Applying For

Please be sure to indicate for which job you are applying. The Library posts all open jobs on the public bulletin board and on the website ( Please make sure to indicate which opening you are interested in. You can list more than one opening. Applications are routed to the hiring supervisor for each opening to determine which applicants are to be interviewed. Therefore, listing “any position”  is not the most effective way to have your application evaluated. Please select a current opening that best fits your needs & schedule so we can be sure to have your application evaluated as soon as possible. For most positions, there is more information (such as a corresponding job description) available for viewing on the Library’s website,

When You Will Hear from Us

The Library staff is unable to contact each applicant due to the number of applications we receive. If an applicant is not selected and contacted for an interview for a particular opening, he or she may be contacted in the next few months as similar positions or schedules open up – occasionally we re-review the applications we have on file. Applicants will not be contacted unless they are selected for an interview.

The time frame for setting up interviews varies by position. MPPL interviews with interview teams and depending on schedules. It may be 2 – 3 weeks before applications are evaluated and candidates contacted for interviews. Once interviews have been conducted, it is generally hoped a candidate will be found and an offer extended. This entire process can be estimated as a minimum of a month – depending on position, job market and candidates.

The Status of an Opening

Once a position is filled, the opening will be removed from the website and the internal posting. These two postings are kept up-to-date. If a position has been removed, it has been filled.

General Information about Positions

The Library receives many applications – particularly for shelving openings (averaging 35 – 50 applications for current openings).

  • Legally, applicants must be 16 or older to work past 7 pm.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all positions posted are permanent jobs, not seasonal openings.
  • References. Please be sure to list references on the application. MPPL does check references. Suggested references for applicants for whom this position is their first job are: teacher, pastor, neighbor, supervisor of any volunteer work, supervisor of any odd jobs such as babysitting or lawn care. Family is not a preferred reference.
  • For shelving and circulation openings, the interview will include a shelving exercise on the alphabetical and numerical arrangement of Library materials.
  • Final candidates, unless a minor, will be required to submit to a background check.

Who Can I Contact?

Email your questions to

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